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School of Sport

Holiday Clubs

Children are off school for 13 weeks per year, why not use this time to keep them active?

We do our best to accommodate every child that attends by offering a huge variety of different activities throughout the week.

Extra Curricular Clubs

With many children not getting the recommended amount of physical activity, we believe these clubs are vital for young children’s health and well-being.

We offer a number of different activities, all of which are delivered by our qualified & experienced coaches.

PE Sports Provision

Are you looking for a sports provider at your school? You can build your own PE sports provision package that suits the school and links in with term objectives. As a company we will provide you with lesson plans, clear progression plans for the term and highly qualified coaches that are experienced in working with large groups of children.

The Team

Meet The Team

Our team are qualified in a wide range of sports from Tennis, Gymnastics, Football & Dodgeball, to Kick-boxing, Dance, Yoga & Cricket. The vast number of qualifications enables us to offer a varied programme at each school we work in.


Our Aim

Our main aim is to make sure we inspire thousands of children every year through our coaching programme.

Playing sports is excellent for your child’s physical development but it can also play a huge role in improving their social skills.


Our Curricular Events & Activities

We offer a wide range of different events and activities.

Breakfast Clubs
We believe that our well-organised breakfast clubs can help children’s attendance, punctuality and supporting parents with early drop offs. We can provide a variety of different activities that will keep the children engaged, as well as preparing them mentally and physically for the day ahead.
Lunchtime Clubs
Lunchtimes can sometimes be challenging as it can test children’s behaviour, which will cause issues on the playground and then affect lessons in the afternoon if issues are not resolved.
After-School Clubs
With many children not getting the recommended amount of physical activity, we believe that after school clubs are vital for young children’s health and wellbeing.
PPA Cover
Whilst we are aware that PPA is a legal requirement, we believe that it is the perfect opportunity to get the children involved in activities that teachers may not feel confident delivering.


Our News & Announcements

Keep up to date with all the latest news from School of Sport.

Why chose extra-curricular clubs?

There are many reasons for children to attend extra-curricular sports clubs from social to physical development, but most importantly so that they can have fun while participating in sport in a relaxed and playful environment. Whether it is breakfast, after school,...

How sport has changed

Over many years the face of sports has changed worldwide, whether it be the popularity of it, the endorsement towards it, the increase in the number of playable sports, and the coverage and publicity sports get these days. Over the course of decades and centuries,...

How to find the right sport for you?

Getting into a sport that suits you can be a difficult task. There are so many different choices that present a challenge when determining which might be the best to take up regularly. There are a few do’s and don’ts when looking to get involved:   To start off it...