Autumn Activities

The autumn weather is definitely upon us as it begins to get colder and nights become longer. Although most people would want to spend their time indoors as the weather temperature drops, don’t let that be an excuse for not taking part in fun Autumn activities that you and your children can enjoy. Here are some ideas you could do with the family as October half term approaches and still allows your child to get their recommended daily amount of physical activity.


  • Exciting and challenging outdoor sport that is great for families as it encourages teamwork and is a good walk!
  • There are lots of routes that you can check out on The British Orienteering website
  • Plan routes that suit you and your group’s needs, you can run or walk as you navigate through the control points on the map
  • To make it extra for fun for younger children, hide prizes at different points for them to find like a treasure hunt
  • Visit to find routes that interest you

Mountain Biking

  • Fun for adults and children, there are lots of opportunities to be made with this activity
  • Whether it be for leisure or competition, the British Cycling organisation have lots of events for younger people –
  • You can find a half decent bike for around £300 however if you did not want to invest try out a bike park where you can rent bikes to use
  • Check out this article for some of the best bike parks in the UK


  • A great outdoor activity that allows your children to gain confidence in the water from a young age
  • Learning to master a canoe themselves grows their self-confidence and independence
  • If you want to go canoeing on your own in Britain, waterways require a licence however there are lots of great activity centres and clubs that offer canoeing experiences as well as other water sports
  • Visit to check out the best clubs to try the activity and more about licencing