Building Confidence Through Sport

Being a young child amongst a lot of new people or big personalities can be quite daunting. Picture your first day at school, trying to make new friends, as well as getting involved with tasks in class, you may have felt nervous or shy. Building children’s confidence is key at a young age. Rewarding good behaviour and congratulating when they have done well are ways in which we can begin to grow children’s self-confidence.

At School of Sport, our coaches make sure every session focuses on specific aims and goals for each child. Sporting activities, in general, are great ways to help build your child’s confidence. The classes can range in numbers so whether it be a smaller class of 10 people or larger class of 20+ people, your child will be made to feel comfortable and able to get involved with each activity.

Children have the opportunity to make new friends and socialise. This is important at their age to learn social skills that will help them as they grow older. The more people they meet, the more confident they will become when talking to others which can also help to improve their verbal communication skills.

Not only will they gain confidence with social and communication skills, but they will also start to develop their abilities and physical skills in each sport. Giving children praise when they have achieved a goal is a great confidence booster. We have incentives in each class that will help to improve children’s listening skills and in turn help to achieve the goal they are trying to reach. There is no better feeling when you reach a goal you have been working towards, for example, finally being able to hold a headstand or being able to do that specific dance move you have been working on.

Sessions that don’t put too much emphasis on competitiveness allow time for children to build their self-esteem whilst enjoying taking part with their friends. I think at a young age it is important that children are working to build their own confidence without having too much of a competitive element that would knock their self-esteem.

The most important way that sport can help build confidence is by finding the sport your child loves to do. This will help them stay motivated to continue and develop all the skills gained from playing sports (such as teamwork, communication, physical ability, patience, etc) and connecting with others to build that self-confidence by learning to get along with all kinds of people.