All of our after school clubs this term will start from the week commencing Monday 13th September. We still have a limited timetable, however, we hope to be running classes in all of our schools this term. Further classes will be online next week. 

Key Information

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About Our Activities

School Timetables

Flixton Primary School

St Hugh of Lincoln

Timetable Coming Soon

Gorse Hill Primary School

Breakfast Clubs

Taking care of our health first thing in the morning is crucial. It leaves our cognition, energy, physiology and spirit primed for optimal performance. Moving vigorously soon after we rise generates alchemy in the brain, which not only wakes us up entirely, but amplifies self-discipline, and electrifies our focus and energy.

There is a lot of scientific evidence to show a vital link between physical fitness and cognitive ability. Therefore, it’s easy to see how our energetic breakfast clubs can help your child’s attendance, punctuality, an overall school performance.

After School Clubs

With many children not getting the recommended amount of physical activity, we believe that after school clubs are vital for children’s health and wellbeing.

To keep our brains at peak performance, we need to be exercising regularly. Our range of engaging after school activities are the perfect way to ensure your child participates in much-needed exercises whilst still enjoying themselves.

We offer activities to suit children of all age range and abilities, from football, tennis, and cricket, to gymnastics, dance, and handball.