Interested in becoming a host venue?

Are you looking to generate additional revenue for your school facilities? We have been running successful holiday camps since 2018, and we are always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities. 

If you are interested in hosting a School of Sport/Play holiday camp during the school holidays, please email for more information. 

Why us?

Quality guaranteed

Our engaging team always work to an extremely high standard. Before the start of every holiday camp, we run a full-day training session to ensure our on-site coaches are up to speed with our latest procedures and policies, as well as new training methods. Our attention to detail is what makes our camps run so smoothly. 

Additional Revenue

If your school is not in use during the school holidays you could be losing out on potential income. Why not maximise this opportunity and create a new source of revenue with minimal additional overheads? 

Proven Track Record

With two in-demand holiday camps currently in operation, we have a proven formula for success. We gather a lot of detailed information on our customers to track their habits and ensure the correct marketing strategies are applied at any new location. 

Parent Relations

Although our camps are open to children from any school, being a host school would be a fantastic opportunity to provide an exciting new service to your parents and further enhance the relationship you have with them. 

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Facilities Required

  • Gym or Sport Hall
  • Adequate Outdoor Space (Playground and/or Field)
  • Classroom
  • Adequate male and female toilet facilities


  • All-weather muga pitch
  • Second indoor gym or sports hall
  • Dance studio

New camps in 2021