Getting into exercise

Getting into exercise for the first time or returning after a while off can seem like a really daunting task, it is important to know that this is a positive step towards a healthy lifestyle and maintaining the motivation to keep it up is key.

Starting off small is the best way to go about it, you are not expected to be able to jump straight into a marathon or lift serious amounts of weight. It Is all about build-up and starting from the bottom as your body acclimatises to the new movement behaviours.

If you are joining a gym you may want to visit different ones to see which you like best, but what is key to remember is that everyone is in the gym for a reason… you will not be ridiculed for being in there.

Getting into exercise is a huge step but maintaining this proves the most difficult step, it is a lifestyle change that you will need to figure out a way of making it a staple part of your week. Even if it means you have only a couple of consistently ‘free slots’ within your week, it’s a great start for making it routine.

There are so many different forms of advice and help out there on where, what, when, and how to exercise. Whether it be a personal trainer, exercise apps, or online professionals/ forums, the assistance is there and easily accessible.

It is important to remember that getting into exercise is not about becoming a professional athlete, it is all about your health and what works best for you. And more importantly, it makes you feel better/ happier.

Doing regular exercise as a parent sets a great example for your children and will encourage them to be active. If you’re worried about your child not doing enough exercise on a regular basis, head to the book tab on the top of our homepage to see what classes we currently have on offer –

Here are a few ideas on how you and your children can remain active together:

Youtube/Home workouts

I’m sure many of you have recently been doing PE with Joe, this is a fantastic way of engaging with your children whilst staying active. His 30 minute HIIT sessions are great for burning those calories!

Here’s our favourite workout from PE with Joe:

Parent & Child Classes

This is again another fantastic way of engaging with your children, staying fit, and having fun! Keep an eye out for our parent & child yoga classes when we are out of lockdown!

Bike Rides

The recent lockdown period has seen a huge rise in the number of people cycling, and with good reason! It is a great way of burning calories & staying fit, without the added pressure on your joints. Going on weekly bike rides with your child is a great way of interacting with them, whilst keeping you both moving.

If you’re interested in purchasing a bike, there is some fantastic deals at Decathlon –