Golfing Glory

The sun is shining (for the most part) and summer is well and truly upon us. So now is the ideal time to get playing sport outdoors, and golf is a great sport to try. The Open golf tournament is currently taking place (in its 148th year!) and out of all the golf tournaments this is the one the players want to win the most due to it being the oldest. The tournament is being shown from 18th – 21st July, which is a whole 4 days’ worth of play to get hooked on!

Golf is a great universal sport to get involved with and can be played by all genders and ages. Golf also has a useful handicap system allowing players of mixed ability to compete on an equal basis, and is brilliant for developing hand eye co-ordination in children by learning to hit the ball accurately. Many people may think of golf as a sedentary sport, but in actual fact players can walk around 6 miles on the course so it’s great for getting those 10,000 daily steps in!

As well as this, concentration is a key element of golf which is something many children can benefit from – if they are thinking about what they are having for dinner they wont be able to focus on the swing they are about to take, so it really helps to improve this which will benefit them in many other areas of life such as the classroom!

Some would say the most important factor children will benefit from in golf is socialisation. It is a very social and friendly environment, as players can chat amongst themselves whist strolling to each hole or in between shots, unlike many other sports which don’t allow for this.

If you tune in to watch The Open over the weekend you’ll see at least 6 British players, which may encourage your child to get familiar with the sport and choose a player to support throughout the competition. This is also a great way to encourage them to start playing a sport when they see the professionals playing it so well!

If you want more information on The Open, log on to  and it will tell you everything you need to know about the tournament!

If you’re interested in getting your children into golf, why not head over to the north’s leading golf centre and check out what they have to offer –