“My children talk non stop about the team, showing how much fun they have at sports club. The team are always welcoming to both children and parents, and provide me with some feedback of the day.”

Kerry Mitchell
Urmston Camp

“Jack loved it. The staff were inclusive managed his additional needs well he didn’t have a single accident and has thoroughly enjoyed every day. He’s absolutely done in every night at bedtime and can’t wait to come back for the summer thank you so so much.”

Danielle Smith
Urmston Camp

“So personal, the staff are amazing. Ashlea is so great, it always amazes me how she remembers Fran’s name from one time to the next and makes him feel so welcome and at home. Fran has had an amazing relationship with the coaches too, they are all so kind, attentive and have the time to give feedback.

I only have good words for all the members of the team and this does not only apply to this holiday club but has been our experience from the first time Francesco attended your holiday club. We have never considered another club for this reason.”

Daniela Bartolo Romano
Chorlton Camp

“Sach had a great time and was very happy with the range of activities. He adored everyone who took care of him too; thank you for taking such good care of him; it is very much appreciated!”

Ranjeev Deol
Bowdon Camp

“Kind and caring staff who went over and beyond to ensure my kids felt happy and safe. My child is really anxious, the staff really helped him ease in to his time there and he won a star of the day which he was delighted with. Highly recommend for all primary school ages.

Urmston Camp

“Charlie is so excited to attend and just runs off! Sounds like a good selection of activities were planned for him. Charlie always talks positively about the coaches from Davyhulme that he sees at camp.”

Urmston Camp

“Excellent – extremely well run and brilliant staff. Great activities and really well organised – really impressed.”

Louisa Phillips
Chorlton Camp

“My children were in for two days during the half term and they thoroughly enjoyed it. After their first day in holiday club, they were excited to return the next day. They’ve been to a few holiday clubs but this is the only one where they go in and come out glowing with smiles.

Enjoy the structure, the friendliness of staff, love the way staff greet at the door and seem to know all the children’s names. Love the certificates and rewards for good behaviour and effort.

There was a team member who I think is fairly new. When my son arrived the staff member said to my son that he remembered him as he helped his first number of days to go well and made him feel comfortable. My son smiled ear to ear hearing this. Loved his honesty too. Thank you.”

Natalie Thomas
Urmston Camp

“Excellent! A really warm welcome when we arrived and the kids were very excited to receive their Harry Potter tickets in the post! Communication was excellent.

All of the team are fantastic but my son absolutely adores George! Charlie’s never been a fan of out of school clubs, but he LOVES School of Sport and would go every day if he could. Both of my children have already asked when they can go again! It’s spot on and really good value!”

Laura Grant
Urmston Camp

“Very friendly. Staff at the door were lovely in particular Ashlea, she was very professional and friendly. Roary is currently having some treatment and this week he was due to start camp his blood counts were particularly low which meant he would have to go easy on some of the sports. Roary was disappointed to hear this however School of Sport made his time here this week just as brilliant, allowing him to do some sport whilst also looking after his health. As a parent leaving a child at an out of school provider when they are dealing with other issues can be a worry however I have /had full confidence in School of Sport to provide the care that was necessary to my child as an individual and also in a group setting whilst keeping the day so much fun. Roary asks to come here on any school holiday he enjoys it that much, even if I don’t need the day care”

Nicola Millington
West Didsbury Camp

“Great as usual the team are so welcoming. Information ahead of the sessions is very informative and reassuring.

Noah absolutely loves the sessions and especially George and Ashlea. He’s enjoyed taking part in new sports and always has a great day.

Thank you!”

Sarah Bould
Urmston Camp

“Organised , lots of fun for girls. The kids loved it, my younger girl did not want go in on the first day, but Jess only took a few minutes to make her love it and agree to stay, when I picked them up, they both were so happy and kept saying they want go everyday! They had lots of fun, and most importantly, they did lots of sport outdoors, that’s what I love about it!

Yan Qin
Bowdon Camp

“My boys have been going to another local holiday camp in the area for the last few years and after moaning to me about how utterly rubbish it was (due to awful staff and dreary games) I decided to try the School of Sport Summer camp in Chorlton. Wow! My boys came home the first day shouting “it’s brilliant, we love it! we had the best time ever!” Needless to say I nearly passed out with surprise. By the end of the week, they were gushing about the games played, telling everyone about their certificates and proudly placing their medals in their bedroom. School of Sport must be doing something right for my two to be shouting with happiness.

The staff are fantastic too. They’re polite & enthusiastic and a genuinely friendly bunch. Quite frankly this is one of the best summer camps around. Your kids won’t be disappointed, and you won’t feel terribly guilty about shipping them off for the week!”

Maritza Haydon
Chorlton Camp

“Well organised, warm, friendly, professional. 

Sean knew everyone’s names and was energised and made my daughter feel welcome and not nervous.”

Claudine Edwards
Chorlton Camp

“Well organised, friendly dedicated staff. It sounds like there is always something for the kids to do. The girls said they felt very comfortable and everyone was very nice.”

Anu Gandham
Urmston Camp

“Amazing, staff very welcoming and professional. Dexter has had a great week and really enjoyed trying new sports, silver awards and everything about the week. Great mix of activities he’s loved the mix of all of them.”

Jill Puttnam
Chorlton Camp

“Well setup, welcoming, friendly, bright and colourful. I was really impressed that on day 2 the boys were both greeted by their names by one of the girls.”

Tom Mallows
Urmston Camp

“Welcoming, enthusiastic and organised. The communication prior to the sessions both text and email were both informative and reassuring. The kids had an absolute ball and got to try lots of different sports. Brilliant crew!”

Jade Lane
Chorlton Camp

“All the staff were greeting parents and children, even by name. They knew where each one needed to go and the process for picking up and dropping off was seamless. 

They all show a really caring attitude, it is not just politeness, they genuinely show interest in what the children say and whether they had fun.

I was using a different holiday club all these past years, I rely quite a lot on childcare because at the moment I am working and studying full time, so I need extra help. The other place was basically a babysitting/keeping the children safe place, which was ok but the children got bored often. At School of Play/Sport, my children had so much fun that they always want extra days and have invited every single friend to join them.

I think the place, the organisation, and particularly the staff are great.”

Marta Suarez
Urmston Camp

“Really welcoming, enthusiastic staff who seem to know the kids well. This is the first time we’ve used any holiday clubs and we have been so so impressed. The kids love it.

Otis is learning lots of different sports and games that he comes home and wants to play. The staff are always so welcoming each day, the atmosphere is relaxed, fun and friendly. 10/10 already!”

Katie Gardiner
Chorlton Camp

“Lovely and welcoming (as usual!) great entrance with the giant deckchair, etc.

Anna was welcomed warmly and has changed from School of Play. Staff knew where she was going and what she was doing.

Anna was only in camp for two days this week, but she has loved all the activities. The visit by the ice cream van was a lovely surprise.

Katy has been brilliant, as Anna usually attends School of Play but wanted to try the sports camp instead. Anna said that Katy checked in with her at lunchtime to make sure she was ok. She also told us that Anna can always swap back if she doesn’t like the sports camp.”

Angela Shilvock
Urmston Camp

“Grayson said it was the best time he’s had at School of Sport. He loved every minute of it and came home so happy and full of stories. Having the ice cream van turn up was such a special moment.

We always feel confident and relaxed sending Grayson to you guys, knowing he’s in really good hands.”

Rachel Gray
Urmston Camp

“The girls seem to really enjoy the camp, it is a very friendly atmosphere and they always come home happy and wanting to go back! The girls like Jess.”

Nicola Jackson
Bowdon Camp

“Excellent high-quality holiday club. Well organised with lovely staff.

Ben’s confidence with sport is low given that he has dyspraxia and struggles with co-ordination. He came back buzzing about the range of activities he had done and enjoyed! He asked me when he can come back. He also made friends and really enjoyed his two days at School of Sport.

He was thrilled to get the star of the day, and I was thrilled for him. Thank you so much for giving both my sons two days of fun. We’ll definitely be back, and I will recommend you to friends.

Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Melanie Fraser
Chorlton Camp

“Very inviting. The staff greeted us at the door, all had smiley faces and interacted with the children as soon as they arrived. Very welcoming.

My son has loved his time here so far. He enjoys all the sports put on, and his feedback is that there is always a different sport and something to do.

He really likes the staff and has made new friends. Due to a hospital appointment, I have had to swap one of the days my son will attend, and this was accommodated straight away.

My son has talked a lot about some of the staff, but particular Sean, he said he is fun and really helpful. I feel confident he is approachable, which is reassuring should my son want to say something. I also have found him very welcoming and happy”

Nicola Chapman
Chorlton Camp

“It was buzzing the first day, with loads of happy faces and lovely welcomes. I love how the coaches remember all the kids’ names. It was so easy and professional to book on and then sign in.

Easy booking system, lots of coaches on the sign in so the queue went down fast – easy communication via walkie talkies on collection.

Ryan is always quick to reply and sort out any issues you have with booking, and social media is excellent to remind you what they need to bring and what they will be up to.

Cass has previously moaned about going to sports camps in summer as he would much rather be glued to his iPad. However, he practically BEGGED me to put him in more than he was already booked in after his three days this week. He went this week not knowing anyone but has had a whale of a time and fist-pumped when I said he was going in next week too.

We love George!!!! He was amazing last year when the boys did their football coaching, and Cass had really enjoyed being in his team. Ashlea is also brilliant at keeping things lively and happy.”

Lynda Kendall
Urmston Camp

“Absolutely fantastic – cannot find a single fault! My children always have the best time at School of Sport.

Every single detail is planned and catered for! My children are given a very warm welcome each morning by a happy, smiling friendly member of the team.

My son bumped his head today, and within 6 minutes of this happening, I had received an email to alert me. This reassured me that he was okay and that they had followed the correct instructions to keep him safe and well.

My children really enjoy the sports activities and especially the games which are age-appropriate and my children describe as ‘so much fun’. The certificates provide motivation for a little healthy competition and to be the best they can be.

All of the School of Sport team are friendly, inclusive, helpful and go the extra mile to ensure my children have the best time whilst in their care.

Sean has stood out for me this week. He really takes the time to get to know each child and pays attention to their every need. My children have spoken about the fun they have had with him, telling jokes and enjoying their time there.”

Hannah Collins
Chorlton Camp

“It was so slick and organised, the way the children were registered- having never used a holiday club before I was very impressed!

The kids have enthusiastically told us about the different sports they have tried, and the different games played – normally we don’t get any information about school.”

Sarah Thomas
Urmston Camp

“Amazing. From the initial communication via email to the smile on our sons face at pick up, we were very impressed. The staff were so friendly and responsive to any questions or queries, especially for us who have a son with diabetes. Knowing staff were trained to deal with this condition was so refreshing. Then what a welcome for both kids and parents on his first day. Our son went in all smiles.

The initial communication was excellent to discuss our son’s care plan and needs. They were quick to reply to emails and even called the day before to check we didn’t have any further questions. Then throughout the days at the club, they continued to keep me updated or raise any questions by calling me to ensure they were providing the correct care.

Ashlea and Katy were the ladies that looked closely after our son, and they were so friendly to speak to.”

Jacqueline Logan
Urmston Camp

“Our two children regularly attend School of Sport holiday camps. Not only because we have to work, but because they want to and always ask when they will next be going. Each time they attend, they are welcomed by a friendly, smiling face which sets the tone for the rest of their week.

The camp is always extremely well organised with timetables made available to parents of the children’s activities during their time there. Our two love hearing what they will be up to, especially when fun activities such as the “Creepy Crawly Show” are planned for them. There is always a wide variety of activities available that allow the children to learn and develop new skills and have a go at sports they may not have otherwise have tried.

All of the team members are fantastic, and our children always return home from camp with fun stories of what their coaches have entertained them with that day. They seem to have a fabulous relationship with Ashlea, who always takes the time to make sure they have had a good day, and her enthusiasm for the camp is certainly infectious!

Having asked the children what they think you could do better, “Nothing! It’s awesome and loads of fun as it is” was their response. As parents, that will absolutely do for us!

Keep up the good work, and we will see you again in the summer.”

Nicola Coulthard
Urmston Camp

“As always very welcoming, Ashlea is just fantastic and Ryan great communication. Amazing couldn’t get a better team.”

Chorlton Camp

“Very well organised. Amy only attended for one day but clearly had a wonderful time. We’ll definitely book her in again!”

Adam White
Chorlton Camp

“Great! Emma had a lot of fun, made new friends and tried new sports. My daughter felt safe and when difficulties happened she felt supported.”

Sophie Penn
Chorlton Camp

“Great! Really welcoming and positive staff. 

One child in play and one in sport. Both loved it. Clearly lots of thought gone into resources for play in particular. Lots of unusual and creative pieces coming home each day!”

Katherine Moulder
Chorlton Camp

“Excellent communication, genuine interest in Ethan’s likes/interests (presumably to tailor activities). Ethan loved everything this week and had a great time.

Every day he came back worn out which is definitely a good thing and shows he’s been active! Ethan loves George and always has good fun with him. The personal touches really do make the service a cut above.”

Lisa Pitt
Urmston Camp

“The organisation of the camp was outstanding and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There were various sports activities provided and the overall quality of the team was fantastic. Molly the camp leader was excellent. The service exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be re-booking.”

Nicole Binns
Chorlton Camp

“The team are BRILLIANT!!! You can see the genuine pride in what they do, enthusiastic, always smiling, full of energy even at the end of the day. It was so lovely to arrive and be welcomed by coffee and fruit and pastries, the organisation was superb! The boys happily went off to their respective clubs smiling.

Dylan is shy when it comes to sports but playing dodgeball at camps has brought him out of his shell, he loves it! He comes home wanting to play more and it’s now a regular feature in our house.”

Emma Kelsall
Urmston Camp

“They phoned us the week before asking if we had any questions and got good emails with clear instructions.

I had sent them to holiday sports camps before, and they hadn’t really enjoyed them, but they enjoyed School of Sport as I think they are more fun-focused. The boys enjoyed the variety and the pace.

The overall quality of the team was outstanding. I only met Molly, and she was really lovely and friendly. The boys said Molly and Sean were really nice.”

Nuala Collins
Chorlton Camp

“It was the first time my son went to a holiday camp, and he absolutely loved it!
I thought it was well organised, I appreciated a personal call from the team leader, Molly, before the start to check if I had any questions and she also had time to update me when I collected my child.

Great opportunity for my son to socialise with his friends in a safe environment, what more can you ask after this year!”

Chorlton Camp

“They have both come home full of excitement every night, they couldn’t wait to tell us all about their action packed days. Watching them both recount the magician was lovely, they experienced it separately in their own bubbles, but both enjoyed reenacting the set whilst giggling to each other!

Cian hasn’t stopped talking about his 36 runs in the cricket, and Ashlea’s frustration at not bowling him out! I told them this evening that they were booked in again at Christmas, they both gave out a huge ‘get in!’

Thanks for giving them a great week full of fun!”

Jennifer Fetherston
Urmston Camp

“Really impressed with the additional covid measures and Reuben had such a great time. The range of activities he has had the opportunity to do had been great. The team elements were motivating for him and he enjoyed making new friends.”

Michelle Parkin-Kelly
Urmston Camp

“The organisation of the camp was outstanding. The phone call on a Sunday was very well received. The kids were so excited and loved it each day, they gave it a 10 out of 10. They loved all coaches and couldn’t decide who was the best – Molly, Dane, Izzy and Sean. Oscar loved Sean as he teaches at Chorlton Park as well. The service exceeded my expectations.”

Emily Jones
Chorlton Camp

“Very professional lovely holiday club. The whole process has been lovely, from booking to email prior to attendance, arriving and picking up. My son who is 9, loved it. Thank you, Ryan and team! It has been great, and we will definitely be back again!”

Bibi Eldred
Urmston Camp

“A week of fun and aching legs! As always the kids loved every minute, this week, even though lockdown had left them slightly less fit than normal and they both had aching legs after day 1, lol!!

In these unusual times, Ryan and his team were able to keep my children both entertained and safe. I love the ethos of School Of Sport but also how it is practically run. Well done, I know it can’t be easy.”

Caroline Campion
Urmston Camp

“Caring, professional and full of fun! My main priority was to enable a little socialising in a time when my child hasn’t been able to socialise for a long time on a day to day basis. It’s important that the rules are adhered to and School of Sport go above and beyond in both safety and fun.

My child was apprehensive by day 2, but had huge reassurances given and couldn’t wait to go back on day 3! Very tired and happy child after 3 days here. Thank you!”

Sally Hesketh
Urmston Camp

“This is a well thought through and organised holiday club. It was the first time for my 6 & 9-year-old and they both loved it. The staff are enthusiastic and energetic. We’ll definitely be booking again.”

Urmston Camp

“She loves it! My 5-year-old Darcy has been for the last two weeks and has come home smiling every day. Hockey and basketball are now her favourite sports…She’s really excited to go back for another 3 days of sport and fun this week…First class service.”

Mark Carline
Urmston Camp

“I could not recommend this company enough, my 8-year-old has been attending since they opened at Urmston Primary School.

The coaches/staff are all amazing with the children and I feel so at ease communicating with them and leaving my daughter in their care. She has built confidence, skills and friendships and I honestly couldn’t thank them enough for all they have done for her.

Throughout the 6 weeks holidays, they have gone above and beyond in making sure the children are safe. She looks forward to coming back every school holidays. Thank you to all your team.”

Ashleen Campbell
Urmston Camp

“The camps were well organised and the staff were really nice. George really enjoyed making new friends from other schools, hopefully, he’ll see them again at Christmas School of Sport! He loved everything, especially the dodgeball and archery.”

Stephen Moscrop
Urmston Camp

“Safe pair of hands! Would highly recommend Ryan and the rest of the team. A really professional, and inclusive holiday club. Ryan is very personable and attentive really cares about the experience that the children have.”

Chorlton Camp

“Amazing! It was so exciting turning up to the sounds of the jungle and all the decorations. It was obvious a lot of thought had gone into it.

Ashlea and Katy, as always, are just wonderful. They instantly put the children at ease and are just so fabulous at what they do. Mason really enjoyed his time with Michael and Elin.  I have to say Elin got to know Mason really well, really quickly, and he came home each day extremely positive because of how she made him feel.

Elinor was also a big hit with my kids. She’s so vibrant and happy that you can’t help but feel happy too. You really do have excellent staff!

Just keep doing what you’re doing – my two never want to leave. Penelope actively hides to stay longer!”

Liz Billingsley
Urmston Camp

“Updated regularly with emails and surveys about the children and timetable information. The boys loved all the activities especially dodgeball and were engaged and excited to return each day. It was the first time trying a holiday club and our boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We have been concerned about the lack of organised sporting activities during lockdown so we were really happy to know they were kept active and busy and experienced different sports.”

Lucy Hand
(Chorlton Camp)

“Great! First time Noah has been to one of your holiday camps and I was really impressed with the set-up when we dropped him off. The pastries, fruit and hot drinks were a lovely touch, and the balloon arch and music made it feel really special for the children.

Fantastic job and Noah said he loved it and was so keen to come back in the summer. George was a hit as usual with Noah. He loves him!”

Urmston Camp

“Austin really enjoyed his two days. I was impressed by all the things he had done during his time with you, and it was lovely to hear him so enthusiastic. He especially enjoyed archery and football.

I was really pleased with the communication from Ashlea when she rang to discuss Austin’s inhaler with me.”

Leanne Gresty
Urmston Camp

“Fantastic! Really welcoming greeting. Fresh fruit and croissants as they entered and fantastic Amazon theme with a great balloon arch and some other animals to set the scene. Always loads of information for parents before and during the sessions.

My son loved all of the sports activities, and the themed Amazon creepy crawly activity just made it even better!  Ashlea was excellent, as were all the team members. Friendly and engaging.”

Clare Coen
Urmston Camp

“Very friendly and individual welcome to each child. It looked fun and inviting! Very well organised, clear emails and texts in advance – especially useful for knowing what to send Byron with. He loved the creepy-crawly show in particular! Also hand cricket, football activities, and the disco.

Byron really liked George because he was very fun and funny apparently! Ashlea was also very welcoming and reassuring at the gate.”

Poppy Brindley
Urmston Camp

“Wonderfully welcoming and organised. Responsible, safe hands for my child. A very nervous child came out disappointed that she was only going to be there for two days. Knew the grown-ups names and spoke enthusiastically about them.

My daughter got to try a wide variety of sports/games, and she was particularly happy that she could choose a none competitive option. My daughter mentioned Sean several times. The team at the door were great, and the pre-call was greatly appreciated.”

Jade Lane
Chorlton Camp

“Really great, the kids had a brilliant time. The camp seemed well organised. As it was my kids first time at a holiday club, I particularly appreciated the emails beforehand with info about the activities and what they would need to take.

They enjoyed all the sports and activities and came home both days full of enthusiasm. Rowan mentioned George several times as being a really fun teacher.”

Lindsay Hayward
Urmston Camp

“Very well organised and lots of fun. We were greeted promptly both days at drop off and pick up. I was given an overview of their day, which was fab. Thomas was very excited to tell me about the sports and activities he’d been doing, and it was clear he’d had lots of fun! Ashlea and Elinor, we’re very friendly and welcoming.”

Sian Page
Urmston Camp

“Brilliant. Welcoming. Provided snacks and hot drinks on the table for parents and children. Warm and friendly environment I felt confident to leave my child in. My children also love some structure. Great to have a timetable to see what my child is doing in the day.

All the team members are very friendly, and my child speaks positively about them. Amelia really likes Ashlea, and this has helped the experience to become even more positive for her. Especially as she did not have any friends from school going, it was nice to know she had a good relationship with her. Thank you Ashlea, and the rest of the team.”

Natalie Thomas
Urmston Camp

“Lots of effort had been made to make it appealing for the children. Communication has been very good, and Oscar enjoyed all the activities.

Ashlea is very friendly and reassuring, particularly with respect to Oscar’s nut allergy.”

Marta Cantijoch
Urmston Camp