Holiday Club Heaven!

Holiday Club Heaven!

We know that Holiday Clubs are ideal for any parent working during the school holidays and they make for convenient childcare for anyone struggling to find it. But, at School of Sport & Play, we are much more than just a childcare company. Our holiday clubs offer a home away from home. A place where your children will feel safe, make friends and most of all, have fun all day long. We make it our mission to ensure that every child feels welcome and able to get involved with all the activities provided.

I am not a parent but what I do know from speaking with the parents of the children at our clubs, is that you would like to know all the exciting things that your child is getting up to during the day. I know that no matter where your child is, when they’re not in your care, worry can take over. But I want to ensure you that, at our holiday clubs, your children are in the best possible hands. In this blog, I want to provide you with a little more insight on how all our holiday clubs run and what to expect from the staff and our beloved community.

Starting the day off right: As simple as it sounds, we start every morning with a big smile. The energy created from a smile is super contagious and we want to spread that positive energy to everyone who enters our holiday club settings.

Now, from experience, I know not every morning is going to be as easy as putting a smile on our faces, especially for the children who are joining us for the first time. We will see some tears and most likely, a child hanging from their parents’ leg in a desperate attempt for them to stay. But these morning blues are easily averted once that child has experienced a day at one of our clubs. I can guarantee that our staff will do all they can to make each child feel as comfortable as possible.

Activities: The activities we provide are one of our key focus points when planning our holiday clubs. Bringing home a crumbled-up piece of paper with a somewhat abstract, multi-coloured scribble across it isn’t what we aim to provide here. In preparation for the clubs, our staff spend hours researching and deciding what activities will excite and stimulate the children’s minds. From arts and crafts activities to sporting games, our staff plan each activity with precision and the children’s ability in mind. We design each activity to specific age groups to guarantee fun for all!

Lunch Time: You might be thinking, why are you telling me about how my child is having lunch? And for some, lunchtime is a great time to sit with friends, socialise and eat together. But I know that for other children, lunchtimes can be difficult in school. It can be intimidating when they have to choose where to sit. I even remember feeling this way as a child when my group of friends were not there to sit with me. It’s slightly awkward and uncomfortable. However, at all our holiday club settings, we encourage the children that attend to become friends as a whole. If a child is struggling to involve themselves, our staff will be the first in line to provide support and help them create some wonderful friendships. After the children have finished their lunch, we like to play some quiet team games that build these friendships organically. Two of the favourites are ‘Stop the Bus’ and our themed ‘Movie Quizzes’. Once they get talking, it’s hard to get them to stop!

Routine: Being organised and well equipped is key to the success of our holiday clubs and drawing from parent feedback, we have noticed that this is something a lot of you love about the company. Witnessing someone clueless, while being responsible for your child is, well… let’s just say…Alarming!! And this is something to be avoided at all costs. That is exactly why we have team meetings with all the staff involved before every holiday club. These meetings ensure that we are all prepared and aware of how the holiday club will run, and new team members fully understand the safety procedures we have in place. We discuss major factors that range from the activity timetables to the medical information of each child. Our staff are always one step ahead and put their best efforts into making sure the clubs run as smoothly as possible.

Now, I know I can’t speak as a parent. But as an Aunt, a Children’s Sports Coach and a Childcare Provider, I can say, with confidence, that School of Play and School of Sport, are and always will be the best place to send your children for the holidays. If I’m honest, I probably had more fun than the kids this year!

Thanks for reading!

By Jess Kokocinska