Holiday club round up!

After finishing our 5 week Summer Holiday Club at Urmston Primary School, we wanted to do a little round-up of some of the fab skills we as a team gained this Summer and tell you a little bit about how this Summer’s Holiday Club has helped our team grow and develop in preparation for the recent return to school.

Corona and Concerns

During Holiday Club, with all the guidelines in place to keep the children, yourselves, and our staff safe, we, as a team, developed an organised approach with maximum efficiency when dealing with deep cleaning, sanitizing, and checking symptoms.

We dealt with all aspects of our guidelines & procedures as accurately as possible and with the help of our setting Urmston Primary School, helped keep the children healthy, safe, and most importantly, having fun!

We understood the concerns of parents and made sure we reassured them daily and asked how themselves and their children were feeling before and after the sessions. This minimized stress for everyone involved and allowed the children to come in and just have fun, especially with a lot of holidays being postponed.

The children were fabulous with ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ and washing their hands, and by the end of the week were much more understanding as to why we had to ask them to do certain things certain ways.

Educational and Active

As we all know, young children’s brains are like sponges. They are capable of retaining so much information; it is usually just the aspect of interest or excitement towards the subject that holds them back.

If a child doesn’t feel they connect with a particular subject or are uninterested about what they are learning or how they are learning it, then they will be less likely to retain that information.

At School of Sport, we pride ourselves on being able to engage the kids in groups and on an individual basis by focusing in on certain interests, without the help of Technology.

For example, this holiday club, we mixed Sport and Education by quizzing the children on everything they had learned throughout the week. This was a sort of healthy competition for them, promoting fun in sports and learning development linked to this.

As the weeks went on, we developed the quizzes to include other topic areas and found that the children were always super excited to participate in these quizzes and that we will continue them in the future.

At School of Sport and our sister brand School of Play, one of our main aims is to engage and educate the kids through personal interaction, not only does this allow us to get the kids away from technology after what has probably been a long few months playing Xbox or watching Disney+, it also allows us to get to know the children on a one to one basis so that we are more in tune with how they may be feeling and can anticipate how we might be able to help.

Caring and Friendly, Fun and Supportive

Holiday Club for us as coaches is always about providing the children with as much fun as we can whilst also promoting a caring, friendly and supportive environment for them to develop in.

We have been very lucky to receive some amazing reviews following our Summer Holiday Club at Urmston Primary School and that only makes us work harder as a team to want to provide more for the children in all of our settings and further by opening new settings for Holiday Clubs in the near future.

If you are interested in joining our Mailing list, your child wants to attend one of our Extra-Curricular/Holiday Clubs or you have any queries about us and how we work, please go to or email us at