Terms & Conditions

Registration & Payment

Registration forms for classes and holiday clubs must be completed on our website, payment for extra classes must be made at the time of booking. Holiday club payments will be arranged over email once a booking form has been submitted.

Class payments are only done via PayPal but allow a ‘guest’ check out, which enables card payments. We do not accept cash, cheque or childcare voucher payments for extra-curricular classes.

Holiday club payments can be made via bank transfer or childcare vouchers, no cash or cheque payments are accepted. Please see details for bank transfers and voucher payments below:

Bank Tranfers:
School of Sport Ltd
Account number: 5904 3245
Sort code: 01-09-02

Sodexo code: 900619      

Edenred: P21244044 

Kiddie vouchers: provide ofsted number – 2530087

Fair care: SCHO0519

Tax-free childcare: Provide ofsted number (2530087) + setting postcode (m41 5ah)

Computershare: 0026 383 804

RG Childcare: 24246110248

Employers for childcare: Provide business name ‘school of sport ltd’ and address (33 Sevenoaks avenue)

Care-4: 10173515

Co-op Vouchers: 85119842

Enjoy Benefits: Provide Business name ‘School of Sport Ltd’ and setting postcode: M41 5AH

Fidelity Childcare: RYA009C

*If your childcare voucher company isn’t listed above, please contact us via email and we can set up an account

Late payments (holiday clubs)

 If fees are not received within 7 days of a payment request a fee of £10 will be added and another email request for payment will be sent. If fees are not paid 14 days from the original request for payment your child’s place may be cancelled.

When paying with childcare vouchers we understand this can take up to 5 days to be paid into our account, so proof a payment has been processed will be accepted.

Sibling Discount

Sibling discount is offered for all holiday club bookings, both siblings must attend on the same day (see booking form for prices).

 Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • Cancellations up to 48 hours before your booking will incur a fee of 25% of the price.
  • Cancellations between 0-48 hours before your booking, a fee of 50% of the price applies.
  • Cancellations after the first session of a booking will not be refunded.
  • In extenuating circumstances an exchange of services may be offered
  • Refunds or exchange of services will not be given for unexpected school closures out of our control i.e. snowy conditions, flooding, heating issues, disease outbreak etc.
  • Refunds or exchange of services will not be given if a child is absence due to illness or any other reason.
  • In the event of a school hall being in use with no advanced notice given to School of Sport, sessions will be adapted to take place outside or in a classroom. This may include children doing theory work on the activity. No refunds or exchange of services will be given.
  • Refunds or exchange of services will not be given if an outdoor lunch time class is cancelled due to adverse weather on the day.


 All parents must sign a child out when collecting them from a class.

Late Collection Fees

School of Sport reserve the right to charge a fee for late collection. If a child is collected late, the parent / guardian will be subject to an immediate charge of £5 per child.

An additional £5 will be charged for every 15 minutes after the collection time, if the parent / guardian is unable to pay the late fee at the time of collection, an email request for payment will be sent.

Repeat late collection may result in a child’s place being cancelled without a refund for the remaining sessions given.

Absence & illness

If a child is off school for any reason, please inform us as soon as possible to avoid concerns over missing children. No refunds or exchange of services will be offered if a child is off sick.

If a child isn’t well enough to attend or has contracted an infectious illness, we ask that parents do not send their child to School of Sport. If a child becomes ill during our class we reserve the right to contact a parent / guardian to arrange collection.

Food & Drink

Food & drink will not be provided by School of Sport at our classes or holiday clubs, we advise that every child has a water bottle when attending School of Sport.

Any child attending our holiday club will also need to bring a packed lunch & snacks. See holiday club page for more info – https://www.schoolofsport.org.uk/holiday-club/  

Children are more than welcome to bring a light snack if attending an extra-curricular class. Nuts are not allowed at any our classes or holiday clubs, this includes foods with nuts in i.e. nutty cereal bars.


 Weekly activity timetables will be displayed at our holiday club but are subject to change, refunds or compensation will not be given if changes are made.

See holiday club page for more info – https://www.schoolofsport.org.uk/holiday-club/

Child Protection/Safeguarding

School of Sport staff have a duty to respond if they suspect a child may be suffering from abuse or if a child discloses information of abuse, in this event staff will contact the relevant local authority and act on their advice.

 Lost Property

Children should not bring valuable toys and belongings when attending our clubs. School of Sport cannot be held responsible if they go missing. We cannot guarantee the return of lost property but will do our best to return items on request. If items are not claimed after 4 weeks they will be given to a local charity shop.

Your Child’s Information

At the time of booking a child onto any of our classes our holiday clubs, accurate information about your child’s DOB, medical conditions, physical or behavioural matters, or any other additional needs must be provided on the registration form. Failure to do so may result in the child being excluded from certain activities. In some circumstances we may have to cancel the booking and no refund will be paid.


If your child requires medication of any sort you must complete a permission slip, health care plan, and provide a supply of medication at the club. Please email us to request these forms info@schoolofsport.org.uk

Accidents & Incidents

If necessary, School of Sport reserves the right to administer basic first aid treatment to a child. Parents will be informed of all accidents and will need to sign the accident report form.

Accidents of a more serious nature involving hospital treatment or any head injuries, all attempts will be made to contact the parents but failing this the club requires consent to act on behalf of the parents to authorise any necessary treatment.

Incidents involving a child will also be logged and parents will be informed.

Photo & Video footage

We may take photographs and video footage at our clubs to use for training and promotional purposes. To exclude your child we must be informed when completing the registration form at the time of booking, you will be given the option to answer ‘yes or no’ to both photography and video footage. Where possible, we will post photos to our social media platforms for parents to view, however we cannot guarantee your child will appear on these.

Childcare Vouchers

We only accept all childcare voucher payments for our holiday clubs, please allow up to 5 working days for these payments to reach us and use your child’s name as a reference where possible. If paying with Tax-Free Childcare, please notify us of the long reference number so we can identify and allocate this payment. 


 All children in our care are covered by our public liability insurance.

Abuse to staff

The threat or use of physical violence, verbal abuse, intimidation or harassment towards our staff is likely to result in a termination of your child’s place. Such incidents may be reported to the police.


If you were not satisfied with the services provided by School of Sport, we would appreciate the feedback.  Please email any complaints to: ryan@schoolofsport.org.uk or sophie@schoolofsport.org.uk 


Whilst a child attends a holiday club or class and for a period of 12 months after, the customer shall not directly or indirectly solicit any employee working in any capacity for School of sport.

Whilst School of Sport work in a school and for a period of 12 months after, the school shall not directly or indirectly solicit any employee working in any capacity for School of Sport.

Data Protection

School of Sport collect personal details for you and your child to register and enable us to process your booking.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary permission to pass on the personal details of everyone required.  We may hold some of your details for future marketing purposes. Please let us know if you do not want to receive future communication from us. See our privacy policies here.

Parents must agree to the terms and conditions to book with us.


School of Sport is the trading name of ‘School of Sport Ltd’  (Company number: 10304084)