How sport has changed

Over many years the face of sports has changed worldwide, whether it be the popularity of it, the endorsement towards it, the increase in the number of playable sports, and the coverage and publicity sports get these days. Over the course of decades and centuries, these aspects around the sport have changed drastically.


  • Sports like football, basketball, American football, and cricket have always been at the forefront of sporting popularity but with modern technology, the coverage and participation rates have increased massively. To give you an example the 2018 world cup final was believed to have been viewed by nearly 1.1 billion people… that is over one-seventh of the world’s population.
  • The money that is now invested in the sport via national governing bodies, media, and retail endorsements has risen dramatically. Sky Sports and BT sport pay a combined £4.46 billion television rights fee towards premier league teams. But not just for institutions and clubs within sport some individuals are benefitting massively too from endorsements, basketballer Lebron James earns $300,000 per Instagram post.
  • All in all, sport has become way more accessible to participate in some way shape or form and has become even more of a lucrative career path with the earnings now at some of the best wages you can achieve.