Insight: 121 football coaching


Our 1-2-1 sessions are a great opportunity to gain some specialised one on one coaching, provided by well experienced and highly qualified coaches. All of our coaches have gained ranks within the FA coaching system, some of our coaches have worked with professional football clubs and have been coaching football for a number of years. This in mind, you know that sessions are being delivered by industry professionals which will only help the development of your child.

Every session and block cycle is tailored to the individual and their needs, focusing on both areas of improvement and harnessing areas of strength in order to develop these further. The content of sessions cover many different aspects of the game and areas from physical, tactical, and technical development.

One of the primary benefits to a bespoke 1-2-1 cycle is that the participant has all of the ball and the session is directed to their individual needs, unlike group sessions where there is a lot of shared work and a general emphasis on group development. This increased time on the ball and skill development is crucial in increasing confidence and developing all-round ability within a player.

What’s included?

  • Firstly, you gain the 1-2-1 booklet which goes into full detail as to what you gain from signing up to a cycle
  • An initial assessment is included at the start of every new start-up, this assessment outlines in detail the strengths and areas of improvement in accordance to our session layout.
  • At the end of every cycle, there will be a 4-week review that will touch on the initial assessment as well as the things that have been worked on during the cycle, to take a look at the progress that has been made.
  • The participant gains a personal training programme that is designed solely for them as an individual.


A personalised football training programme is great for ball rolling time, the more time on the ball the better a child gets across many different aspects of the game.

1-2-1 blocks are great for getting that little extra training on top of any current team training sessions, they make great birthday presents and of course, it’s non stop football practice… an absolute dream for anyone who is crazy about football.