More Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

So, here we are with a spin-off from the last article on healthy eating. I realised that the previous one was very parent-focused and whilst I know that may be beneficial to some parents, it will not always be beneficial in actually getting your children into habits that perpetuate them exhibiting this behaviour independently.

So here are some of my favourite Top Healthy Eating Tips for Kids:

1. Be Creative!

Children learn by creating and doing, for themselves. As a model to look up to in children’s lives, it is important that whether you are a: parent, guardian, childminder, or even coach that you are always setting an example for kids to follow, and with food creation, this can be massively helpful.

When you are deciding what to have for dinner in the week, if you go by a set routine, then set aside a small treat or dinner section that your child can assist with or make themselves. This gives them more confidence around food and trying new things, and is also continuing their learning through creativity.

One of the fab ways we do this at School of Sport and School of Play is through Rich Tea decorating: Cost-Effective, Easy, and Fun! Sometimes we give the children an end goal; for example, they must decorate their biscuit like a basketball, but you can change this to whatever you decide and it will still be really fun, interactive, and yet secretly educational for your child!

2. Grow your Own!

One of my favourite things to do when I was a child, was to grow or pick my own fruit and vegetable with my Grandma and turn them in to Soup or Jam or Smoothies.

Seeing something you have grown and nurtured, being turned in to something yummy to eat, is so satisfying as a child and quite often removes some ‘picky eating’ traits.

There are tons of great recipes online for brilliant broths, green smoothies, and Jelly’s or Jams. Here are just a couple of my favourites for you to try!


3. Drink Water!

Ok, so I understand sometimes it is really difficult to get children to drink water, as they may only want Blackcurrant or Fizzy or whatever other drink that isn’t ‘boring’… Well I have discovered a couple of ways to try and get your children drinking more water, more often!

So one of my favourite things I own is my Hydro Flask – now Hydro Flask is a brand that makes double-walled, vacuum- insulated flasks that can keep hot drinks hot for 6 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours!

They are such a good investment and sometimes having a cool little gadget-like thing, like that will mean kids will be more likely to use it! Plus, cold water is always better than room temperature water!

Also, another idea, that is a little less expensive than a Hydro Flask or similar brand flask, are Hydration Tracker Bottles. These are super fun and come in loads of cool designs, and you can almost find them in any supermarket now, which is nice and easy!

With times of the day tracking down the side of the bottle, the goal is to drink the water in the bottle by following the amounts you’re meant to have drunk by that point in the day.

This gives kids a little task to follow, which may spur them on to finish all their water for the day, especially if their fun new bottle has their favourite characters from Frozen or Pokémon on it!

I hope some of these suggestions were helpful! I would love to know if you have any other fun ideas that you use at home to keep your children healthy, happy, and having fun! Email me at to let me know what you think!