Netball for all!

July 12th marks the opening of the ladies netball World Cup tournament, this year held in Liverpool – which is in fact the first time the tournament has taken place in the United Kingdom!

Netball is a great sport to motivate girls to champion females in the sporting world, and it is the perfect sport for all ages! It is a fantastic introduction to sport because at a young age you do not need to be super athletic to give it a try, yet it keeps us fit, introduces co-ordination skills and builds team rapport.

The tournament began today and runs until 21st July, with 16 teams competing including a variety of nationalities, but our own country is actually favourite to win! So let’s get behind our team and show them the support they deserve!

Limited tickets are still available if you want to take your children to watch, but another great place to take them to get involved in the fun is to the ‘Fan Park’. It is located at Chavasse Park within Liverpool ONE and they have an array of activities on offer; from netball games to live music there is something for everyone and at the same time the match action is being streamed live on a giant screen.  Children will love this day out, and I’m sure adults will too! And the bonus… entry is free!

There is also plenty of merchandise on offer so you can get your children kitted out in the sport apparel if you wish, and this might even encourage them to get playing the sport when they have the ‘uniform’ for it!

As briefly mentioned before, ball games are very beneficial to help your child gain co-ordination skills and therefore netball is brilliant for this! They will also feel part of a team when they are playing the sport and it is a great bonding activity and a way of making new friends. And if you’re lucky enough to catch their facial expression the first time they get the ball in the net, I’m sure you’ll feel the excitement and pride just as much as your child does too!

So follow this link to check out all the information on the Netball World Cup and let’s get involved and back our women today!