New Camp Manager

Meet our new holiday camp manager at Urmston Primary School, Ashlea Brewin.

Following her amazing efforts and exceptional levels of commitment during the Summer holidays, she has now been rewarded for her efforts. Ashlea has continuously gone above and beyond in every aspect of her role since joining School of Sport earlier this year and fully deserves her recent promotion.

Here is a little bit of information about our new manager…

“My name is Ashlea, and I am the new holiday club manager at Urmston Primary School. Some of you may know me from previous Holiday Clubs, Extra Curricular Lessons or School of Play, but if you don’t, here is a little bit about me…

I have been working with children for 6 years in Coaching, Teaching and Support settings, starting with Baby Ballet Coaching at the age of 15!

I joined School of Sport during my 3rd year at University and instantly fell in love with the job! Working with children is such a rewarding experience and seeing them grow and learn, plus getting to learn from them in return provides me with so many ‘I love my job’ days! I have recently graduated, so have been able to spend more time at work and am very excited to begin my new position in a management role.

School of Sport and School of Play have taught me about the communities we work in, as well as the relationships we build in our schools and how important they are for creating an environment in which the children feel safe, whilst also having the most fun possible!

The activities at our Holiday Clubs are super exciting and create new chances for the children to experience and try out new games and sports. I am also very excited to introduce some new themed games, sports and competitions during the week that will add that extra bit of spooky to our Halloween Holiday Club Special!