Post Lockdown – Sports Club Benefits

As we have now updated our website with key changes to our Holiday Clubs, we wanted to share some reasons as to why returning to our clubs may be very beneficial to your children after a long period in lockdown.

Sports benefit kids in many more ways than we may believe. With proof that active kids equal healthy adults, what is better than to get your kids returning to Sport after this lockdown period? Whether that is joining our Holiday Clubs or our Out of School Clubs, (returning in school term time) we offer children a range of sporting activities from Football Coaching to Dance Lessons.

With kids having an extended period where they are likely to have had less physical exercise and social interaction, Kids Clubs like the ones we run in Urmston and surrounding areas are the perfect way to get children back into activities with friends.

Our Sports Clubs provide children with a chance to be independent in making new friends and create a chance for them to be active in a group setting. Our new social distancing guidelines allow us to create an atmosphere where the kids can still enjoy all of our holiday club activities. We focus on teaching through skill-based games for sports including Football, Dodgeball, Cricket, Rounders, Hockey, and more. Studies show that children who take part in these types of Sports and get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day are proven to be happier, more resilient, and more trusting of others.

We are aware that lockdown may have had an effect on children more so than we think, and so we are aiming to continue coaching the children to find competence, knowledge, understanding, confidence, and hopefully enjoyment for the sports.

The Sport England survey on the mental well-being of children found that kids participating in sports are less likely to experience anxiety and stress and more likely to feel happier and more self-confident after participating, something we are lucky enough to see from many students in our current schools around Greater Manchester. Here is a link to the survey:

‘Our mission is to encourage as many children as possible to have a passion for something they enjoy’. With our wide range of experienced and passionate staff to guide the children through team-building sports and activities that are vital to children’s health and wellbeing, utilising our clubs may prove beneficial to children coming out of this period of uncertainty.

To see more information on our clubs and activities, check out our Holiday Club and Out of School Club information on the main page of our website.