School Holiday Fun

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With the school holidays fast approaching, many parents might be starting to panic about what to do to occupy their children for this length of time. For some of us, it’s a matter of finding childcare whilst we continue with our 9-5 days, and unfortunately, we can’t spend as much time with our children as we would like to. The problem with this is that it can be expensive and difficult to find somewhere that our children are willing to spend a full day at! And for those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, it can make our working day slightly challenging having to also look after our children. Yes, we can sit them in front of their favourite TV channel or give them the tablet to play their favourite games on… but we all know that in an ideal world, we don’t want our children sat around getting square eyes all day every day!


At School of Sport, we believe that children should be using their energy wisely by being active during the school holidays – which is why we provide the School of Sport holiday club. Yes, the main focus is upon keeping children active and engaged, but additionally they will be learning many of the key skills required in younger life. By playing an array of team games, they will be bonding with other children and learning the importance of encouraging and helping one another. As well as this, the children take part in a variety of different sports, providing an insight into a sport they might not have participated in or thought about joining before…. you never know, they may discover a hidden talent they were unaware of! It also lets them try new sports without the commitment of having to sign up for a whole term’s worth of clubs; think of it as a range of taster sessions for your child to find the sport they like best.


Another advantage of our clubs is that many of the children already know each other from the same schools and classes, so it isn’t as daunting to come into on their first day, whilst often we find even children that don’t know each other have made new friends before the day has hardly even begun! We split the teams as equally as possible so there is a variety of ages in each group, and it’s great to see the older children taking initiative and helping the younger children, who maybe haven’t taken part in certain games and activities before. It is gestures such as this that gain points for each team; we award points for the obvious sporting activities, but we also feel it is very important to award the children points for things such as good manners and being helpful and kind to one another. By awarding team points for the above it encourages the children to bond with each other as they are all hoping to be the winning team by the end of the day!


Most importantly… we want our holiday clubs to be FUN! You want your child to look forward to going to holiday club and to enjoy the day, and we strive to ensure your children have the best day possible in an enjoyable, exciting and relaxed environment!