School Programmes

We offer a wide range of different school services to help keep your children fit and healthy, aswell as getting them prepared for the day ahead.

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Breakfast Club

We believe that our well-organised breakfast clubs can help children’s attendance, punctuality and supporting parents with early drop offs. We can provide a variety of different activities that will keep the children engaged, as well as preparing them mentally and physically for the day ahead.


Lunchtime Clubs

Lunchtimes can sometimes be challenging as it can test children’s behaviour, which will cause issues on the playground and then affect lessons in the afternoon if issues are not resolved.

We help bring a calmer and more organised approach to lunchtimes, whether this is getting children involved in team sports or individual challenges. Some children also struggle during this time due to feeling isolated, our staff can focus on smaller groups of children, getting them engaged in activities and helping them to build confidence and friendships


After-School clubs

With many children not getting the recommended amount of physical activity, we believe that after school clubs are vital for young children’s health and wellbeing. Just like our breakfast and lunch clubs, our sessions are extremely safe and organised, whilst continuing to educate the children. We offer a number of different sports for our clubs, all of which are delivered by qualified/experienced coaches, if you are wanting a club we do not currently offer we will do what we can to accommodate your school.

Our Mission

PPA Cover

Whilst we are aware that PPA is a legal requirement, we believe that it is the perfect opportunity to get the children involved in activities that teachers may not feel confident delivering.

We want the children to continue learning during this time and for them to stay engaged ready for their next lesson, we feel our PPA cover is perfect for this.

You can build your own PPA package that suits your school and links in with your term objectives, just let us know what sport you would like, which year group/groups, day and time and we will cater to you the best we can. As a company we will provide you with lesson plans, clear progression plans for the term and highly qualified coaches that are experienced in working with large groups of children.