Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are fast approaching (even if the weather doesn’t feel like it!) and with this typical English weather it becomes very easy for children to go days without leaving the house and getting fresh air during the school holidays.

By the time September comes around, we may realise our children have spent 6 weeks playing video games and no time has been spent using their energy up wisely. Of course, this is understandably easier said than done when the weather isn’t in our favour, which is why at School of Sport we believe holiday clubs are so important to have on offer.

Most of us haven’t got the space in our homes to let our children have a run around (without the fear of knocking over that glass vase that has been in the family for generations) and so our holiday clubs cater for this. We also have a school hall, and so as much as we encourage outside sport and free play, if the weather doesn’t permit it we have plenty of sporting activities to get your children moving inside.

According to The NHS, in order for a child aged between 5-18 years old to keep healthy they should be participating in 3 different types of physical activity each week:

  1. Aerobic exercise
  2. Exercises to strengthen their bones
  3. Exercises to strengthen their muscles

To maintain a basic level of health, this means participating in at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

As mentioned previously, this can be difficult over the school holidays when your child isn’t taking part in their regular P.E lessons and playtimes. Therefore, here at School of Sport we ensure your child will definitely be engaging in at least the minimum amount of daily exercise required!

We play a variety of team building and multi-sport games, as well as our specific sports, as we feel this is a great bonding method. This encourages all children to communicate with each other and form friendships, whilst also learning the importance of helping and encouraging one other, with the focus upon having fun. Because really, although we want to ensure your children are gaining the various positive effects of sport, the most important factor for us and you is that your child enjoys their time spent at holiday club!

So why not have a look at the holiday club section of our website, where you’ll be able to see all the dates and details of the various holiday clubs we offer.