The benefits of early morning exercise!

Now there’s no better feeling of waking up early and getting a sweat on before the start your day, and there is a good reason for this.

Taking care of your health first thing in the morning leaves your cognition, energy, physiology and spirit primed for optimal performance.

Moving vigorously soon after you wake up generates alchemy in the brain, which not only wakes us up fully, but amplifies self-discipline, and electrifies our focus and energy.

Performing an intense workout will significantly lower our cortisol levels (the hormone of fear), and good scientific data has shown these levels to be higher in the morning.

There is also a lot of science to show a vital link between physical fitness and cognitive ability, so your child attending one of our breakfast sports clubs before the start of their school day can only have a positive influence on their performance in the classroom.

The sweating from physical exercise also releases BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which has been shown to accelerate the formation of neural connections and repair brain cells damaged by stress, so we think better, and process faster.

Uncommon vitality, which is defined as the state of being strong and active, is a marvellous way to grow prosperity – the state of having a rich and fulfilled life.

Other major benefits of an early morning workout include:

• Promotion of Neurogenesis – the growth of new brain cells
• Release of Dopamine – neurotransmitter of drive
• Increase in Serotonin levels – the regulator of happiness
• Boost in Norepinephrine – substance that sends signals between nerve cells
• Regulation of the Amygdala – plays important role in emotion and behaviour
• Elevates Metabolism – fat burning engine

Ensuring your child does some form of intense exercise before the start of their day will enable them the focus and stay on task for significantly longer in the classroom, which should ultimately lead to better results.

Pre-lockdown we were providing a range of different morning coaching classes at our schools in Urmston, Didsbury and Chorlton, and we plan to run these again by the end of the year.

Our activities vary from Dance, Gymnastics and Cheerleading, to Football, Tennis, Dodgeball, plus many more.

Many of these intense activities are also delivered at our holiday clubs, meaning children can reap these benefits during the school holidays.

For more information about our breakfast sports clubs or any of the services we offer, please head to our website