The benefits of sport to your child

Children being involved in sport has a huge health benefit as we know, and they are encouraged to take part in regular weekly activity from an early age. However, there are many more reasons outside of physical health in why it is beneficial for children to partake in regular sport.

Physical development

  • The NHS guidelines suggest children and young people should partake in roughly 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a day throughout the week.
  • It is also urged that there is a variety of exercises participated in, as this is the best way to develop a range of movement competencies and different types of physical fitness.
  • Basic motor skills such as coordination, balance, flexibility, and range of movement are all key physical attributes that will develop as a by-product of exercise and are crucial to everyday life.

Social development

  • For a child to be involved in a team sport or practice in a group is a great way for them to connect with their peers and develop how they fair in a socially demanding environment.
  • Working in team sports allows core social skills such as; communication, empathy, teamwork, and cooperation all to develop, and these are crucial life skills.

Psychological development

  • A huge psychological benefit for participation in sport is confidence, kids are allowed the chance to flourish and involve themselves in an environment that they may feel most comfortable in. Or, in an environment, they may want to be in but intimidated by at first and this allows their brain to learn how to develop with unknown environments.
  • Another important factor is the thinking in sport, decision making and problem-solving form part of almost every sport and compared to real-life, demand the brain to work these factors a lot quicker.