Why chose extra-curricular clubs?

There are many reasons for children to attend extra-curricular sports clubs from social to physical development, but most importantly so that they can have fun while participating in sport in a relaxed and playful environment. Whether it is breakfast, after school, lunchtime or evening class there is a wide range of benefits.


  • The physical benefits are obvious, children participating in these clubs get more time to exercise and try to meet the government’s daily exercise guidelines.
  • Extra-curricular clubs can host a huge range of sports that may not be as accessible as traditional sports so it provides a route into trying new activities.
  • Socially these clubs allow children to interact with their peers, not just with people they usually associate with day to day but with new groups and new faces. This builds up their confidence in talking to new people.
  • Extra-curricular clubs are also a fun based environment and although they are great for learning new skills in that sport there is less emphasis on competition, therefore, the stigma around ‘you need to be good to play’ doesn’t exist, and this is how sport should be.
  • Their enjoyment of a sport may stem from attending a club and lead to them taking it up on a more regular basis outside of school times, and even consider competing.