Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

Winter is definitely upon us as the days get shorter and weather gets colder. However, don’t let this put your child off continuing sporting activities throughout the colder months. Of course, there are many sports that take place inside but this could be a good opportunity to introduce winter sports to your children.

Take a look on the Olympic website for some winter sport ideas:

Winter sports are a great way to beat the boredom during the winter break and lets children burn off extra energy whilst keeping in shape. As parents you are always worrying about the safety of your children and may have concerns on some winter activities so here are some facts and myths to help your decisions on what might be best suited for your child.

  1. Winter sports are too dangerous

To an extent they can be seen as more dangerous than other sports. They usually involved high rates of speed which increases potential risk of collisions. To help prevent injuries it’s important to invest in the proper equipment such as helmets. Make sure the helmet fits your child perfectly as this is an essential piece of equipment for sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Although you may think the sport looks dangerous to start with it’s important that your child starts slowly and at their own pace when learning the skills for these types of sport.

  1. Cold weather will give my child a cold

Fiction. Cold weather does not cause colds. The common cold comes from a virus caught through contact with other humans. The cold weather can affect the body’s ability to fight a cold but ironically staying indoors usually means more contact with other people creating more opportunity for the virus to spread. This means that children should still be able to join in outdoor activities and even the National Centre for biotechnology states ‘in winter, children with colds can still play outside’.

  1. Winter sports are expensive

This can be seen as both fact and fiction. There are some sports that are more expensive to take part in due to the requirement of equipment and less affordable lessons such as skiing however there are more affordable alternatives such as ice skating. This is quite an inexpensive activity and you can hire skates, similar to other winter sports that require equipment. The advantage of ice skating is you can join in social classes or if your child enjoys it and wants to take up the sport further there are opportunities to develop their skills through private lessons.

You can expect a few tumbles along the way however this teaches children how to pick themselves up and try again. At a young age it’s important to focus on the fun elements which will help with their self-esteem when learning challenging skills for the sports.